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Established during the Saudi Arabian Presidency in 2020, the G20 Global Innovation Hub for Improving Value in Health (the Hub) was formed to accelerate a global transformation towards value-based healthcare (VBHC). The Hub envisions a new era of 21st century health, delivered through value-based care and works to achieve this vision through knowledge exchange, experience, and collaboration.

Strategic Focus Areas

The Hub advances its organizational strategy through:

  • Supporting the G20 through active engagement with the G20 Presidency and relevant working groups on an annual basis
  • Producing and sharing knowledge (e.g., reports, policy briefs, country case studies)
  • Enabling innovation by hosting an interactive forum for global health pioneers to spotlight the groundbreaking interventions, partnerships, and policies ushering in a new era of high-value, resilient health systems
  • Educating stakeholders by working with top academic institutions to design tailored curricula and educational resources
  • Informing policy through advocacy and thought leadership in the global discourse on VBHC
  • Facilitating in-country pilots for Hub members and partners
  • Deliver events (e.g., conferences, workshops) and experiences (study tours, in-person or virtual knowledge exchanges)

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The Hub Secretariat, hosted within value in health, is responsible for advancing the Hub’s annual work plan, facilitating meetings, and providing relevant updates to the Steering Committee and Advisory Committee. If you want to learn more about the Hub or download our recent publications, please visit our website at